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TEMPEST: Strategies to Support Healthy Eating in Adolescents

The TEMPEST Project



The TEMPEST project

TEMPEST (Temptations to Eat Moderated by Personal and Environmental Self-regulatory Tools) was a research project funded by the European Union, which ran from 2009 to 2013. TEMPEST’s main aim was to examine how adolescents deal with food temptations. Researchers from nine countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and the United Kingdom, collected data from more than 15,000 young people aged 10 to 17 years. For more information about the project, visit the website

Weight Concern

Weight Concern, a registered charity concerned with weight management, is involved in dissemination of the TEMPEST findings in the UK. In November 2012, Weight Concern hosted a successful conference: The Perils and Promises of Dieting for researchers and health professionals on behalf of the TEMPEST consortium. Future activities will include workshops and online resources on healthy eating for adolescents and their families.

TEMPEST Handbook

Written by the TEMPEST consortium, the TEMPEST Handbook presents findings from the project and discusses the role of self-regulation in healthy eating. It also includes discussion on self-regulation strategies that adolescents may find useful in developing or maintaining healthy eating habits. It is written primarily for parents and family members, but may also be of interest to teachers and health professionals who are supporting adolescents’ healthy eating.

To download a copy of the TEMPEST handbook, please click here

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